An educational and fun day camp for kids ages 5 to 12-plus. We offer an outdoor learning experience, and hands-on, river-based programs. Our primary mission is education and awareness. We believe that a community that is fully aware of the importance and vulnerability of its natural resources is a community that will actively support efforts to ensure environmental quality. 


Camp Musky Open House

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

6:30 - 8:00 pm

MWA River Resource Center (10 Maple Ave. Asbury, NJ 08802)

Walk in anytime to register or to pick up information about our Camp Musky programs. We will offer "mini" Nature Walks all evening between those times.

Session and Registration Information



Session Ages Date Time
The Explorers 5-6 July 10-14 9am - 1pm
Trailblazers 7-9 July 17-212 9am - 4pm
Stream Team 7 - 9 July 24-28 9am - 1pm
River Rangers 10-12+ July 31- August 4 9am - 4pm
STEM Camp 8-12 August 7-11 9am - 4pm






"The Explorers" - Half Day

Campers will explore nature through storytelling, cooperative play, and creative art and crafting projects designed to deepen their connection with nature. Each morning, children will depart on an exciting journey exploring the river and its surroundings while collecting and recording treasures they find along their way. They will use their collections along with various artistic mediums, paints, beads and clay to create and express the different aspects of life on the River. While encountering all of the things that can be seen, and even some things that can't be seen, campers will develop a nature journal and discover ways of creating a record of what their senses experience.

"Trailblazers" - Full Day

Campers will explore the connection between humans and nature. Understanding the plants and animals in our local ecosystem, and safe ways to interact with them opens up opportunities for your children to explore nature in a creative, uninhibited way. They will develop an appreciation for the basic components necessary for sustainability including use of water, shelter, and food. Learning how each habitat explored provides these necessities for the creatures it supports.

"Stream Team" - Half Day

This team will explore the connections between the Earth's eco-systems, and the microcosms within those ecosystems.  They will be exposed to practices of sustainability and environmental ethics as well as practices in classification of insects, birds, flowers and trees. Explorations of the river and our path to developing a deep, lasting connection with our bio-region will be documented in a nature journal.


"River Rangers" - Full Day

Our older campers will learn that, for humans to live sustainably, we need to use the Earth's resources at a rate at which they can be replenished.  Rangers will develop an appreciation for basic components necessary for sustainability including use of water, shelter, and food.  Rangers will learn how each habitat explored provides these necessities for the creatures it supports.  Each day, there will be an exploration of the Musconetcong River and an in-depth investigation of stream and field life in the Musconetcong Watershed.

"STEM CAMP" -Full Day 

Science, Technology, Engineering, and yes even some Math! In our STEM Camp, we will use hands-on learning to foster creativity, problem-solving, life skills, resourcefulness, patience, and curiosity.  Using core STEM principles, we will work together to solve real world problems! Including building sensors to help us monitor the mighty Musconetcong River’s health. We, of course, will make time to explore the river and play some games! 



Tuition Information

Half-day Full-day
$130 per child before June 1 $235 per child before June 1
$150 per child June 1 and beyond $250 per child June 1 and beyond
$110 each additional child in the family $215 each additional child in the family

Refund Deadline: June 1, 2017

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Questions About Camp Musky?

Contact Kyle Richter:


What Are They Saying About Camp Musky? 


“My kids were very excited to be able to go out on the various hikes, and loved cataloging and learning about the various plants and critters they saw. I asked if they would recommend Camp Musky to a friend and got an instant, unanimous and enthusiastic “YES!”


“My son loved it, he wasn’t to come back next year! He now explains animals to me when we walk by the river.”


“My son really enjoyed his week at Camp Musky. We loved hearing his stories about their daily adventures. Kyle had many great craft ideas and was wonderful with the kids.”


“It was my daughter’s first time attending and she loved the camp. She had a great time learning about the river, the wildlife, and plant life. Kyle is excellent with the children and their needs. Keeping a safe and fun environment. She is looking forward to coming back next year.”

“Fun and educational. Loved the river”


“I never heard one negative thing about the days’ experience from my two grandsons, who stayed with me for the duration of the camp. That’s remarkable! The atmosphere seemed to me to be cooperative and nurturing. The activities engaged the children’s attention.”






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