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MWA and the Musconetcong River Management Council have been following a proposed high density housing development and groundwater discharge sewer plant proposal for more than a decade.

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Proposed Sewage Treatment Plan & 333 Unit Residential Development in Hampton Borough, Hunterdon County

The 77 acre site is located on an elbow in the river, and is bordered on two sides by the river.   It is also underlain with carbonate bedrock and the site has many hydrological features – sinkholes, a disappearing stream, and groundwater fed springs that flow into the river – that demonstrate a close connection between groundwater and Musconetcong’s surface water.

Haberman Project Site Plan_FULL

Project site plan

The proposed groundwater discharge sewer system has the potential to permanently alter the site’s hydrology.  It could impact the river’s water quality and degrade fish habitat, alter volume of groundwater going to the river’s base flow, and raise the temperature of groundwater flowing into the river.  The Musconetcong is a Category One anti-degradation river, and a favorite fishing and recreation area. 

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