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Hughesville Fish Study

We removed the dam! Now, we're working with partners to monitor fish passage

MWA was awarded a grant from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and National Fish & Wildlife Foundation to monitor the impact of the Hughesville Dam Removal. Over the next 5 years, we will collect biological, chemical and physical data to help measure our river restoration work done in this focus area - which is multiple sites up and downstream of the old Hughesville Dam site off of Route 627 in Pohatcong Township, NJ.

This study will help us to:

  • better understand changes in water quality, aquatic habitat and fish populations after a dam removal;

  • provide baseline data to be used for the Warren Glen and Bloomsbury dam removals;

  • provide science-based information on the long-term benefits of dam removals; and

  • inform future policy on dam removals in river restoration projects.

Hughesville Study.JPG

Source: Princeton Hydro

MWA and partners monitor at 5 sites along the Musconetcong from Bloomsbury down to Hughesville below the former dam site

Hughesville Fish Sites_with STA.png

Source: Google Maps

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