Water Quality Data

MWA collects data to ensure water quality in the river remains suitable for recreational fishing and boating.

What data do we collect and why?


Chemical, biological, and habitat data tells us how stream restoration projects, like dam removals, improve river habitat. These data can also be used to support land preservation, improved development controls, and pollution prevention programs to keep the river ecosystem healthy. In addition, we use our data to advocate for the river when proposed projects threaten the health of the river and its tributaries. 

How to view the data

1. Scroll through the interactive map below, and click on a site you would like to view.

2. Sites are listed by their name and a site code (e.g.: Mt. Joy, 1-1-MTJ).

3. Click "More Info" to view the water quality data.

4. A link will be provided if there is continuous data.

Some sites on this map may still be a work in progress. If there is not a Data Studio page connected to a specific site yet, the link will circle back to the map. Stay tuned for updates as this project progresses.