New Zealand Mudsnail

This invasive species has been found on the Musconetcong River, so we are taking action

Through conducting routine checks, MWA and partners discovered the presence of the New Zealand Mudsnail in the Musconetcong River - the first of 2 sightings in the greater Delaware River Watershed.

Read more about the New Zealand Mudsnail in a blog post by Nancy Lawler for the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed.

Here is the map of the sampling locations where the mudsnail was found:

Source: Google Maps

How to Clean Your Gear

We've found that cleaning your boat and gear thoroughly after each visit in contaminated waters can help prevent this invasive creature from spreading to other water bodies.

MWA monitors at 5 sites in the lower Musconetcong between Bloomsbury and the Delaware River

We are still learning about what the presence of this invasive creature means for our watershed, but MWA has a strong education mission, including running a citizen science program for more than 10 years. Getting information about a threatening species like the New Zealand Mudsnail is part of that effort.

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