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Stephanie McMorran

Watershed Resilience Planner

Stephanie came to her current role from a very non-traditional background! She received her B.A. in English Literature from the University of Cambridge and then went on to pursue a Master of Architecture degree at Columbia University in New York.

She is originally from Westfield, NJ but remembers traveling out to Northwest New Jersey throughout her childhood. She grew up with a deep love and appreciation for the outdoors. She was then exposed to regenerative farming, ecological design and stormwater management as a graduate student at Columbia.

When she was in undergrad, her college maintained a historic agreement with the local agricultural community and rented its backyard out to local farmers, for just a few dollars, to use as seasonal pasture. I enjoyed The idea that I get to spend my time helping to protect the river and preserve the unique character of this part of New Jersey brings me a lot of joy.

Stephanie will be taking the lead on a watershed vision plan, a full-watershed-wide comprehensive vision plan that aims to build off of the 319 plan but will also cover topics such as farmland and open space preservation, conservation and resource management, housing, and transportation - to name a few.


Stephanie McMorran
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