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In-School MWA Education Program

Watershed Education Program

The MWA Watershed Education Program teaches students about fresh water ecology, ground and surface water characteristics, and the historic and geological features unique to the limestone valleys in the Musconetcong and adjacent Delaware River tributary watersheds.  Our program promotes a sense of stewardship for the environment that is rooted in knowledge of science, local ecology, and history.  The MWA Watershed Education Program is already well established in several area elementary schools.

This is a highly flexible program that typically runs 4 days.  It starts off with 3 days of classroom activities, taking place during regular science class time (30-45 minutes per class).  The 4th day is dedicated to fieldwork (approximately 90 minutes) either at the school or in the Musconetcong River.  The program and schedule can be tailored to meet any scheduling restrictions.  It may be used for classes studying water ecology, life science, and earth science - and emphasis can be placed on various topics according to curriculum needs.

For more information, or to schedule the MWA Watershed Education Program, please contact Ryan Jiorle at (908) 537-7060 or by emailing

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