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Thank Congress Today!

The Musconetcong is a Wild & Scenic River

Both Congressmen Lance and Gottheimer supported the Partnership Wild & Scenic River Program's funding, along with 39 other Representatives - a record for the program!  Congressmen Frelinghuysen does not join these types of letters because he serves as Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and would be writing a letter to himself if he did so.  His staff indicated he is supportive of the program.

On the Senate-side, both Senators Menendez and Booker support the Partnership Wild & Scenic River Program.

With the addition of Congressman Gottheimer this year, we are at 100% support from the Musconetcong Watershed.

Please thank our Congress today!

Signatures of Support

Call (202) 224-3121

A Switchboard Operator will connect you with the office you'd like to speak with (Reps. Lance, Gottheimer, Frelinghuysen; Senators Booker, Menendez)

MWA suggests mentioning the following:

"Please thank (Representative or Senator) for his support of the Partnership Wild & Scenic River Program, Delaware River Restoration Program, and Land and Water Conservation Fund.  These are critical programs for protecting the environment and Musconetcong Watershed."

Afterward, let MWA know!

We'd love to hear that you reached out! Please email us or call our office at (908) 537-7060.

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