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MWA receives gold badge from GuideStar

As a small, local non-profit, we are appreciative and thankful for all of the member support we've received in the past and through to our present. We've recently completed our Annual Renewal mailing, and we thank those who have already renewed their 2018 membership. In an effort to make your donations have a larger impact, we look to foundations and corporations for grants. A lot of the grants we apply for ask for matching funds, and so being able to include your donations can sometimes double our impact! One of the many ways to reach these larger grantors is through the website

GuideStar is a leading non-profit database that provides financials, missions, programs and projects on all types of non-profits as well as the companies and foundations awarding grants. Their mission is to "revolutionize philanthropy by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving."

GuideStar is both a search engine and certification program. For MWA, it is a tool to learn what types of foundations give to programs and projects like ours, and for grantors it's a way to learn about non-profits whose missions align with their fundraising goals. It also certifies non-profit organizations, which provides assurance to potential donors.

Recently, MWA attained the Gold Transparency Seal on GuideStar. This seal allows foundations looking to fund environmental programs to know more about MWA which in turn makes them more likely to give. Click here to view our GuideStar page.

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