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Follow the Musky Trails

Recent uncertainty and social distancing has secluded us to our homes. While these practices are important for the health of the general population, it can leave us feeling isolated and stir crazy. Consider shaking off your cabin fever by reacquainting yourself with nature. Hike these trails along the Musconetcong River for exercise and a quick mood boost.

Try the varied topography of the Musconetcong Gorge Reserve, a Hunterdon County park located in Warren Glen. From the Dennis Road parking lot in Holland Township, you walk along the upper mountain ridge through a beautiful forest with wonderful valley views (when there is no foliage). Hike down a narrow ravine to a babbling brook, boulders, and a small waterfall. From here, you can loop back on an easy trail or go to a steeper challenge up the hillside. Check out the trail map here.

My favorite Hunterdon County Park is Point Mountain Reserve in Lebanon Township. Park your car on Musconetcong River Road or Penwell Road and follow the trail markers. Numerous trails run through the park and take you through farm fields and forest landscapes. The highlight is a spectacular view from a rock outcrop where you can see the Delaware Water Gap. See the trail map here.

The Orange Trail part of MWA's Education Trail near our River Resource Center in Asbury, NJ.

A family-friendly trail that follows the River in Asbury (Warren County) is along MWA's River Resource Center property. Park at the Asbury Mill or the River Resource Center, and follow the Education Trail. Vibrant bird life, especially waterfowl, await you! The trail passes a pond where you may find frogs and turtles. Gaze upriver and admire the river's beauty and soak in the peace and quiet.

The Hunterdon County trails are rocky, so wear sturdy footwear. When walking near the river, the trails can be muddy, so waterproof footwear would be advisable.

Be sure to check current regulations on accessing state, county, and local parks and be mindful of social distancing guidelines:

Enjoy the Musky's natural resources and please respect their integrity!

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