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Volunteer Season is Back

MWA is fortunate to have volunteers who support us throughout the year, but typically, winter is our slow season. We look forward to warm weather and spring to get a lot of work done both on our property and adjoining trail as well as throughout the watershed.

We know spring is coming when we start to ramp up for a lot of our volunteer activities, and yesterday (3/22/2022), the NJ Youth Corps of Phillipsburg visited our River Resource Center to volunteer their time, preparing our native garden for spring and summer blooms.

Six Youth Corps members and 2 staff members spent about 5 hours weeding, clearing brush, and spreading mulch. Thanks to their efforts, we covered all of the garden beds surrounding the Center. This particular cohort of members just started their term last week, so this was their first service project together, and it went very well. MWA will likely work with the Youth Corps on a future tree planting project along our Education Trail, which is being planned within the next few months.

The River Resource Center garden had remnants of last year's native plants before this volunteer effort.

With the garden more manageable, MWA Board, staff and independent volunteers can now help to maintain the beds throughout the spring and summer months.

If you are interested in volunteering for the MWA, visit our volunteering page to learn more about the support we need. We are looking for support of varying skillsets and welcome any interest.


This post was written by Ryan Jiorle, Community Engagement Coordinator for the Musconetcong Watershed Association. Ryan recruits and trains new volunteers for the MWA. He also maintains the Education Trail along the river, assists with in-school educational presentations, and conducts outreach with public officials and other organizations.


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