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Volunteer Support Program: Thank You, Tish!

For those of you who don't know Tish Lascelle, she is the President of our Board of Directors, and she works for Johnson & Johnson. J&J has a Volunteer Support Program that they fund which awards the winner a $10,000 non-inclusive grant to the organization of their choice. J&J bases the winner off of their involvement with their chosen organization, quality of their volunteer work, impact on the organization and use of professional skills in their volunteer work. Thanks to Tish's dedication to MWA, we won the $10,000 grant for 2017!

As the Senior Director of Strategy and Governance for Environment for J&J, Tish applies her work knowledge to herpassionof protecting the environment and promoting local sustainability through her involvement with MWA. She came to us with fresh ideas of Board leadership, and we have benefited from her strategic thinking as well as her strong communications skills.

MWA plans on applying this grant to our education program which includes our Camp Musky summer sessions. Last year we were able to extend our summer sessions by 3 days, and this year we not only plan on expanding the camp another 2 days (to total an extra full week!) but also hire interns and purchase supplies that will enhance each camper's experience. Camp Musky is an educational and fun day camp for children ages 5 to 12. It offers an outdoor learning experience through hands-on, river-based programs including cooperative play, arts and crafts and nature-based activities.

For more information on MWA programs, please visit our website. You can also click here to register your child for 2017 Camp Musky summer sessions. Finally, if you work for a larger employer, please reach out to them regarding community awards, fundraising matches, challenge grants or other support for volunteerism. As you know, we are a small organization and rely on and appreciate everything you, our members, do for us!

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